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Mondkapjes.nl Automatic Soap or Disinfection Dispenser with Thermal Scanner

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- Automatic disinfection spray - 1000 ml Tank - Accurate temperature measurement in degrees (+/- 0.2 °C) -Audio signal at temperature measurement - 4x AA battery or via USB (cable included)
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Available from our own warehouse!

This standing, hanging or tripod-mounted dispenser & thermometer has a capacity of 1L and is suitable for filling with liquid. The Thermometer remotely measures the temperature and informs the user both visually and optically (English voice) whether the temperature is correct.  The dispenser is especially suitable for alcohol and other disinfectants. The dispenser has a 1000 ml (1 litre) tank that can be filled manually. The dispenser operates on 4 AA batteries or by means of the supplied USB cable (excl. adapter). 

Offering hand disinfection contributes to a safe environment. The smart sensor ensures that the gel is automatically sprayed on the hands, as soon as the hands are 2 to 10 cm below the dispenser outlet. This eliminates the need for contact or touching the dispenser, making it 100% safe and hygienic.

By holding the hands under the dispenser, the dispenser sprays exactly the right amount (1ml) of liquid over the hands. This way no liquid is wasted and the dispenser is economical in use. Does not leak!

The dispenser & thermometer is perfect for at entrances of public places like offices, schools, hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports etc.

Color: White
Size : 43*13*11CM
Liquid volume: 1000ml
Material: ABS, PP
Colour: White
Power supply: 4 AA batteries or via the supplied usb cable. Exclusive adapter
Battery life: 90000 sprays
USB voltage: DC6V

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