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Hongray Vinyl/Nitrile Blend Medical Examination Gloves | Hongray

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VNEU3003-Large | Hongray Disposable Vinyl/Nitrile blend examination gloves Made of a blend of vinyl and nitrile Waterproof Strong and flexible Chemical-resistant per 100 pcs in a dispenserbox
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Hongray Medical Lloves

Hongray Vinyl and Nitrile Blend Gloves are designed to provide the best benefits of two medical-grade materials. This unique blend makes these gloves as lightweight and flexible as possible while providing high tensile strength and exceptional puncture resistance. Ideal for medical use and the handling of hazardous chemicals, these 0.08 mm exam gloves provide waterproof and chemical-resistant protection without the use of latex or powder. The greaseproof and oil proof nature of these gloves makes them a great option for an even wide range of industries, including food service, painting, and general cleaning. 

Vinyl and Nitrile Blend

These gloves utilize a unique nitrile and vinyl blend to provide the best of both, making these exceptionally durable and resistant to moisture and chemicals while remaining soft, comfortable, and flexible. These powder-free and latex-free exam gloves have an exceptionally high sweat-resistance due to the waterproof design. With the added greaseproof and oil proof capabilities, these gloves are a great choice for a wide range of industries.

Medical Exam Quality

With a CE-certification and medical-grade materials, these vinyl and nitrile blend gloves are designed to adhere to the quality standards for medical gloves. In addition to the medical field, these gloves can be used for industrial labor, food service, personal use, and various other uses.

Provides Extra Protection

The 0.08 mm thickness of these nitrile and vinyl blend gloves provides extra thickness and padding to the fingertips and palms. The added protection of these gloves increases puncture resistance to help keep the wearer safe from sharp objects and chemicals. With the thoroughly tested blend material, this added security is met with optimal touch sensitivity and general flexibility.

Vinyl/Nitrile Blend Glove Uses

These 0.08 mm gloves are designed to adhere to the medical quality standards for exam gloves. The 0.08 mm thickness provides better protection and durability while the innovative nitrile and vinyl blend material ensures a touch-sensitive and dexterous experience. On top of having exceptional dexterous strength, nitrile gloves are waterproof, greaseproof, oil proof, and chemical-resistant to a wide range of common chemicals and substances. The vinyl in these blended gloves helps maintain a soft, comfortable, and flexible feel. Below are some of the various uses for these 0.08 mm blended gloves.

  • General Hospital Use
  • Handling Hazardous Chemicals
  • Painting and Construction
  • Housekeeping and Cleaning
  • Food Industry Work
  • Medical Exam Gloves
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