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Baltic Masks 5 FFP3 masks Baltic Masks with valve BM-033v

€ 19,95
FFP3 masks from Baltic Masks with valve BM-033v The FFP3 mask fits well on the face with its cup shape and offers a high level of protection of more than 99% for up to 8 hours
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This protective FFP3 mask is designed to protect against various types of infections, viruses, airborne bacteria and even pollution and dust. The valve is useful to avoid moisture in the mask and improve exhalation. It can also help reduce the fog on glasses.

The FFP3 protection mask fits perfectly on the face with its cup shape, which ensures high-quality protection. This face mask can provide very good protection for up to 8 hours and filters more than 99 percent of particles in the air.


With a bridge of the nose and a strap behind a head; Yes
cup shape; Yes
Valve: Yes
Classification: FFP3
EU Declaration of Conformity: Yes
CE Mark: EN149: 2001 + A1: 2009; FFP3
Filtration Efficiency: Above 99%
Suitable for: single use (maximum one service)
Weight: 24 grams
Size: One size (packing size 20x17x14)
Shelf life: 2 years
Manufacturer: Baltic Masks, Lithuania

User manual:

1. Wash or disinfect hands before removing the mask from packaging. Do not touch the inside of the mask.

2. Place the respirator against your face with the bottom under the chin and the metal nose clip over a bridge of the nose.

3. Pull the lower headband over your head and place it around the neck under the ears.

4. Pull the top headband over your head and place it behind your head at the top.

5. Use both hands to bend the metal nose clip to fit snugly against your nose and face. The gas mask will also fit if you squeeze the metal nose clip with both hands. Slide the fingers down on either side or the metal nose clip to seal it against your nose and face.

6. Do not touch the mask during use. Then wash or disinfect your hands.

Precautionary actions:

1. This product is not intended to be used as protection against harmful gases, vapors or greasy aerosols;
2. This product does not generate oxygen and is not intended for use in a low pressure environment;
3. It is not recommended to use the mask if it does not fit the face completely when applying the mask;
4. If you notice that the mask is damaged, leaking or you have difficulty breathing while using the mask, replace the mask immediately;
5. This product is disposable. The recommended usage time is 4-8 hours.

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