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Tuga 5 Liter Tuga Disinfection Alcohol 80%Desinfecting Alcohol 80% | Tuga | Hygienic handgel/spray | dispenser refill

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- Disinfecting and antibacterial hand gel alcohol solution - Ideal for disinfection columns. - Contains Aloë vera & glycerin for soft hands - Pleasant smell, non-sticky and dissolves quickly -Delivered in a 5 litre can.
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Disinfecting and antibacterial alcohol. Used as a skin and hand disinfectant. This hand alcohol is also suitable against viruses and can be used in our disinfectant dispensers!

Cleaning hands is more important than ever and therefore you want to be able to rely on a good and hygienic product. The Tuga Hygienic Hand Alcohol is an effective means to clean your hands without the use of water. This makes it ideal for use in locations where water is not available.

Prevent illness by improving your hand hygiene. The Tuga Hygienic Hand Gel is very suitable as a hygiene measure for your business and household. The liquid has a hydrating and nurturing effect on the hands. Aloe vera & glycerine are added to prevent dehydration of the hands and make sure the hands feel soft after use.

This hand gel is quick-drying and non-sticky. In addition, the hand gel leaves behind a fresh scent by the slight addition of perfume.
The addition of aloe vera & glycerine prevents the hands from drying out and leaves them feeling soft after use.
This hand gel contains 75-80% alcohol for perfect disinfection and quick drying of the hands.

Disinfection Alcohol 80% is intended for cleaning and disinfection of instruments, hard surfaces and closed skin. This disinfectant is also called "disinfectant alcohol" and is used as a cleaning agent in households.



Disinfection of the skin
First clean the skin and dry it well. Apply the disinfectant to the skin to be treated, for example with a cellulose swab. Apply enough of the agent to keep the treated skin moist for the entire duration of the effect (at least 30 seconds).
Then let the skin dry. Minimum penetration time: 30 seconds.

Disinfection of hard surfaces 
First clean the surfaces to be treated. Rinse off any cleaning agent used with clean water. Remove excess water.
Apply the disinfectant to the surface to be treated with a cloth or a piece of cotton wool and leave for +/- 5 minutes.
When disinfecting, use so much liquid that the surface remains wet for the entire soaking time.
Afterwards, wipe the surface dry with, for example, a cellulose cloth. soaking time: +/- 5 minutes.


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