COVID.LIMITED Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer

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Keep your hands hygienically clean without the use of water and soap.
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Buy WYX Antibacterial Hand Gel

Disinfectant hand gel, is used to fight bacteria on the hands.The spread of micro-organisms, such as bacteria, mainly takes place through the hands. After all, you touch a lot with your hands, which is then touched by someone else. This is one way in which bacteria are transmitted from human to human. 

When your hands are visibly dirty, it is recommended to wash them with soap and water. If you use disinfectants, such as alcohol-based disinfectants, on visibly dirty hands, the disinfectant will be less effective. If your hands are not visibly dirty, a disinfectant generally works better than washing them with soap: this often limits the pathogen germination process better than cleaning the hands with water and soap. 

How does a hand disinfectant work?

WYX handgelnconsists of active ingredients, such as alcohol, and excipients, such as gel. Disinfectants must consist of at least 70% alcohol to have a good disinfecting effect. Alcohol is the substance that has a harmful effect on the cells of micro-organisms. The alcohol penetrates the cell membrane of the bacterium and breaks it down, leaving the inside of the cell unprotected and dying off. Our WYX Antibacterial Hand Gel contains 78.9% alcohol, making it highly effective against pathogens on the hands. The bottle of hand gel is easy to carry with you in your bag, for when you need to disinfect your hands on the go. You only need to use a small amount of the disinfectant hand gel at a time, after which it will do its job thoroughly and your hands will be disinfected quickly. The disinfectant gel removes over 99% of the bacteria on your hands. 

How to use WYX Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer?

  • Free your hands from visible dirt;
  • Apply a little disinfection to your hands;
  • Spread it well over your hands and don't forget the fingertips: 30 seconds is enough;
  • Let the hands air dry.

Do not use disinfectants on visibly dirty or greasy hands. Because of the dirt and grease, the alcohol in the disinfectant will not be able to find the micro-organisms that well and will therefore be less effective. It's also important that you never dilute the disinfectant gels with water, as this makes the active ingredient in the product less effective. 

When to use WYX Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer?

Try to use disinfectants only when really necessary. Excessive use of alcohol disinfection can make the bacteria more insensitive and the use of disinfectants almost useless. This way it will be easier again to infect people via indirect contact with your hands. It is therefore not necessary to use a disinfectant at home and it is best to wash your hands with soap and water as soon as you get home. 

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