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Romed Blood pressure monitor | Romed BP-1000 | 1 unit

€ 27,49
Measure blood pressure automatically with this BP-1000 blood pressure monitor from ROMED. Fully automatic, with digital display and a good choice for professional use.
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As a fully automatic device, the ROMED BP-1000 blood pressure monitor is very suitable for professional use and complies with EN 1060-3: 1997 and A2: 2009. It allows you to non-invasively monitor arterial blood pressure through the arm. This device records the systolic value (upper pressure), diastolic (lower pressure) value and heart rate. With the digital display the results can be easily seen at a glance.

Taking the measurements yourself at home is also possible with this device. Make sure you connect it correctly by reading the manual. For the most reliable results, we recommend using the device in the morning or evening and repeating the measurements daily at the same times. Normal blood pressure is at 120/80 or below. From 140/90 onwards it is considered high blood pressure.

Instructions for measuring blood pressure at home

To obtain good measurements, do not eat, drink, smoke or exercise immediately beforehand. This can affect the reliability of the results. Maintain a relaxed posture and keep the arm limp along the body, supporting the forearm.

The cuff should be at the same height as the heart. Make sure the arm does not move during the measurement. Wait at least 4 to 5 minutes between two successive measurements, so that the blood flow is not interrupted.


  • 82x92 mm LCD-Anzeige
  • 99 Speicherplätze
  • Messverfahren: oszillometrisch
  • Messbereich: 30 - 280 mmHg
  • Typ der Batterien: 4 x AA
  • Entspricht der MDD 93/42/EWG
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