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By wearing a face mask you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus. Protect each other!
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Our certified medical mouth masks protect you against bacteria and viruses.
€ 3,95
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Quality Facemasks with CE marking and medical filtering for FFP2
3D fit for perfect seal in the color Black.
CE marking , EN 149:2001 +A1:2009 certified
Hygienically packed individually, in a box of 10
€ 22,49
Original price € 24,95
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Topquality FFP2 mask made in Europe. Certified and meets the highest requirements for FFP2 and protects you against bacteria and viruses. Without valve so protection for you and your surroundings! Comfortable fit and solid. Packed per piece, in a plasti
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Fifty black FFP2 face masks from Shining Time. Effectively filters airborne particles for more than 95%.
€ 75,95
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These 3A Medical IIR quality masks are made of soft material and are produced for medical use.
CE, EN14683:2019 & ISO 13458 certified, they meet the highest requirements for IIR and protect you from bacteria and viruses. In the disposable mouthguards c
€ 15,49
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Budget 3 layer masks, Surgical model, Non medical SUPER SALE
Packed in 3 disposable boxes 50 pieces per box
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Budget 3 layer masks, Surgical model, Non medical
Packed in a disposable box including 50 pieces
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One-size-fits-most protective mask to fit most facial contours.
€ 5,99
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With our 150 x 3-layer disposable mouth masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.
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With our 1000x 3-layer disposable mouth masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.
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Most sold face shield in the world. Comfortable and sturdy.
Don't forget to remove the protection foil!
€ 3,95
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One-size-fits-most protective face mask to fit most facial contours.
€ 5,99
Buy 1000 stuks for
€ 3.590,00 (€ 3,59 p.p)
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With our 3-layer disposable mouth masks you contribute to limiting the spread of the Coronavirus.
€ 6,99
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Buy Face Masks

Face masks are an indispensable part of today's society. Urgent advice is issued to wear a face mask in public indoor areas such as shops, museums and libraries. All this to limit the spread of Covid-19 as much as possible.

We offer a wide range of different types of high quality mouth masks. All our caps have been tested by TNO. Of course you want a mouth-nose mask of the best quality that offers the right protection. You can order your mouth masks online at COVID.LIMITED.

Why a face mask?

There is a lot of fuss about the usefulness of wearing a face mask. In the beginning it was stated several times that it is actually pointless; the false security. Despite this, we are now urgently recommended to wear a mouth mask and soon there will be a mandatory mouth cap. The urgent advice is to wear non-medical face masks. Medical masks are intended for the healthcare sector.

By wearing a non-medical mouth mask you are not so much protecting yourself but especially your environment. Drops released by, for example, coughing, sneezing and talking from the wearer, are caught by the mask and do not come into contact with another person. We can make a small contribution to limiting the spread of the Covid-19 virus by everyone wearing a mouth mask.

Types of masks

Mouth masks are available in many different types. There are, for example, disposable mouth masks and reusable mouth masks. Which type of mask you wear is up to you. You can also make a cap yourself, but we still recommend that you purchase a mouth-nose mask of a higher quality. Our masks consist of several layers which provide better filtering than homemade mouth masks.

Washable face masks

Washable cloth face masks are reusable and therefore more durable than disposable masks. Reusable face masks must be washed out after each use at 60 degrees, without using a fabric softener. In addition, cotton mouth masks can also be ironed at 180 degrees. It is wise to bring an extra mask when you go out. This way you always wear a hygienic and clean mouth mask.

Disposable face masks

As the name suggests, disposable face masks are intended for single use. This means that if you have worn the cap in the supermarket, for example, it should be thrown away immediately. For use on public transport, a new mask must be used after every ride.

Our most sold non-medical mask is the 3-layer face mask. This disposable mouth mask consists of 3 absorption layers which prevent airborne particles from entering your airways.

    • Layer 1 absorbs moisture from the breath
    • Layer 2 filters bacteria during inhalation and exhalation
    • Layer 3 reduces exposure to blood and hazardous liquids

The 3-layer masks have a filter performance of 95% and are ideal for use in public transport.

Medical Masks

In addition to non-medical masks, we also have medical mouth masks in stock. Our medical mouth masks are the FFP3 masks. FFP stands for Filtering Facepiece Particle , which means as much as a face mask that filters particles. The number following the FFP indicates the degree to which the inhaled air is filtered. The higher this figure, the more protection the mask offers.

With a filter efficiency of at least 99%, the FFP3 mask is the best filtering medical face mask. FFP3 masks protect the wearer against germs, viruses and bacteria.

How to wear a face mask?

It seems logical how a face mask should be worn, but this often goes wrong. "Which side is the front and which is the back?" or "What is the top and the bottom?" This is not always immediately clear. For disposable masks with a white and a blue side applies: blue is the outside and white the inside. These masks are equipped with a nose clip in the edge of the mask. That is also the top. Our washable fabric masks are actually pre-formed in such a way that they only fit right in one way. This also applies to the FFP3 masks.

Putting on a face mask

  • Wash your hands with soap and water or use disinfectant hand gel before putting on the mask
  • Only touch the mask by the cords or elastics
  • Make sure the nose, mouth and chin are covered
  • The mouth mask should fit snugly against the face
  • Keep the cap up as much as possible
  • Sit with your hands on the cap as little as possible
  • Wear the mask for a maximum of 3 consecutive hours

Removing a face mask

  • Remove the mask by grabbing the strings or elastics and not the mask itself
  • Try not to touch your face and the inside of the mask with your hands
  • After taking off, wash your hands with soap and water or use a hand gel
  • Disposable mouth masks must be disposed of immediately with the general waste
  • Reusable mouth masks should be washed at 60 degrees after each use without the use of fabric softener

Buy face masks at COVID.LIMITED

Do you want to buy masks extra cheap? Then take advantage of our volume discount! The more you order, the lower the price. Do you have any questions about our mouth masks? Then please contact our customer service, we are happy to help you.

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