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Buy Reusable Face Masks -> Washable Masks, Reliable Cloth Masks

Reusable masks are washable. This makes the mouth caps to be used several times. Reusable face masks are a sustainable solution.
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One-size-fits-most protective face mask to fit most facial contours.
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Most sold face shield in the world. Comfortable and sturdy.
Don't forget to remove the protection foil!
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Buy Reusable Face Masks

At COVID.LIMITED you can buy your washable face mask cheaply. Our reusable coronavirus face masks and face shields can be cleaned and reused after use. If you are looking for an advantage packaging for disposable 3 ply face masks, please refer to our disposable face masks

Buy Cloth Face Masks

The washable cloth mouth masks from COVID.LIMITED consist of two layers of cotton that filter any germs in your breath and prevent bacteria in the air around you from entering your airways. The loops that hold the face mask around your chin, nose and mouth ensure a good and safe fastening. In addition, the loops are easy to adjust with stoppers. This way they fit around every face and can do their job even better. 

How to wear a reusable cloth face mask

First wash your hands with soap and water, or with a disinfectant hand gel. Only touch the fabric mask by the cotton loops, not by the mask itself. Place the loops over your ears and make sure the surface is placed well over your nose and chin. If the mouthguard is too loose, you can make the loops larger or smaller with the stoppers. Our washable mouth masks are produced in such a way that they close well around your nose and chin and let as little air through as possible.

What to do with a used reusable mask?

When taking off your fabric mask, only touch the loops and not the part that has been over your nose and mouth. Once at home the mask should be washed at 60°C and ironed at 180°C. When washing your reusable mask, use only detergent and no fabric softener.

Buy Face Shields

To offer you and your surroundings the best protection against Covid-19, you can use a face shield in addition to a cloth mouth mask. A face shield is a screen, made of plastic, that you wear in front of your face. Please note that a face shield is not a replacement for a mouth mask, so make sure you always wear a face mask when using a face shield. 

How to wear a Face Shield?

You can put on a face shield by placing the elastic band around your head, on your forehead. While putting on a face shield, touch the plastic screen as little as possible and disinfect your hands beforehand with a disinfectant gel. Wearing our face shield is very comfortable thanks to a soft foam rim at the top of the screen. We emphasize once again that when wearing a face shield you should also always wear a face mask that covers your nose and mouth.

How to clean a Face Shield?

The face shield should be cleaned after each use. Wash and disinfect your hands thoroughly before cleaning the face shield. Wear clean gloves when cleaning the screen. Brush all parts of the screen on both sides with a soap solution or disinfectant. If necessary, dry the face shield with a clean piece of kitchen paper. If the Face Shield is damaged, it should be disposed of after use.

Order your washable face masks at COVID.LIMITED

You can buy reusable mouth masks at COVID.LIMITED. We offer a discount if you buy several reusable masks at the same time. With COVID.LIMITED the advantage can be as much as 35%! This way you have direct enough for all your employees, or the whole family.

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