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Our reliable ear thermometers measure your body temperature quickly and accurately.
Single infrared ear thermometer (B-100) from ROMED. Measuring range from 34.0~44.0 º Celsius.
€ 18,00
Single digital ROMED thermometer with liquid crystal display. Has a measuring range of 32 - 42 º Celsius.
€ 5,99
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Since the Coronavirus outbreak, a fever thermometer has been an indispensable device at home. Fever is one of the main symptoms associated with Covid-19. Both children and adults can become infected with the virus. With an digital ear thermometer you can monitor your body temperature and that of your family in a simple and quick way.

What is an ear thermometer?

An ear thermometer uses the same technique as a forehead thermometer. The ear thermometer measures body temperature using the amount of infrared radiation emitted by the eardrum. The eardrum has the same temperature as the body's core temperature. This ensures that an accurate measurement can be made through the ear.

The ear thermometer is extremely suitable for use with (small) children and babies. This way of measuring temperatures requires minimal cooperation of a (sick) child because of the short measuring time and the easy spot.

How to use an ear thermometer?

For a reliable measurement, it is important that the device is used correctly. Bring the device to room temperature before use. The sensor of the ear thermometer must be directly aimed at the eardrum in order to make an accurate measurement. The ear canal is naturally curved which makes this difficult. Pull the auricle slightly backwards and upwards to straighten the ear canal and then insert the thermometer into the ear. Within a few seconds the device will beep and the measurement will be ready.

Also make sure the ear is clean. Too much earwax for the eardrum will result in a lower temperature and therefore no reliable measurement. In addition, it is important to always measure in the same ear. The temperature can differ per ear, for example, because of lying on the ear. To get a good indication of the temperature, you can take several measurements one after the other to compare the results. Some models already take several measurements during one measurement and give the average as a result.

Hygiene is important for temperature measurements. Replace the probe covers of the ear thermometer after each measurement to prevent possible infections.

When not using an ear thermometer?

In some situations the use of an ear thermometer is not recommended. If one of the following cases applies, we recommend the use of a forehead thermometer.

  • When ear drops or other medication has been administered into the ear.
  • When the outer ear is infected; this can be very painful.
  • When there is pus or blood in the ear.
  • When there is too much earwax in the ear

Is an ear thermometer reliable?

Because the ear thermometer measures the body's core temperature, it is regarded as one of the most reliable thermometers. Nevertheless, there is a difference in the reliability of various meters. The cheaper versions measure a lot less accurately than the more expensive ones. More expensive versions such as a Braun ear thermometer give a more reliable measurement in most cases.

Because this type of thermometer is also often used in healthcare, we may assume that they are reliable. So if you want to buy an ear thermometer, don't just think about your wallet. Cheap is often expensive.

Advantages of an ear thermometer

  • Quick measurement
  • Easy to use
  • More pleasant than contact thermometers
  • Battery life of approximately 2 years

Disadvantages of an ear thermometer

  • The probe covers must be replaced after each use
  • Sensitive to contamination of the lens
  • Incertain measurement when used incorrectly

Buy ear thermometer at COVID.LIMITED

Are you convinced of the advantages of an ear thermometer? You can order your ear thermometer today at COVID.LIMITED and we will make sure you get it as soon as possible. Do you still have questions about our digital ear thermometer? Please contact with our customer service. We are happy to help you.

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