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0x Spray de désinfection | Sani Spray | Désinfection parfumée

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Disinfection Perfumed Spray 60ML 75% Alcohol with a pleasant fragrance. These include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, sprays and disinfectant liquids
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Perfumed disinfectant spray By Sani Spray

Sani Spray is a cleaning spray which ensures clean hands within 30 seconds. The Sani Spray has an excellent tolerance, even with long lasting use. Perfect to clean the hands in between uses without water and soap.  

Sani Spray is a real classic. Sani Spray is very well tolerated, cleans the hands thoroughly and, thanks to its nourishing and hydrating components, it is also suitable for long-term use in case of dry skin. Because of its excellent efficacy and short action time, Sani Spray is used for hygienic cleaning without soap and water.  

Product specifications Disinfection Spray:
- Ready to use, alcoholic rub-in preparation for hand cleaning and surfaces.
- Mild for the skin and moisturising
- For dry and normal skin
- Very good tolerance, also with long lasting use
- Has an excellent, immediate effect
- For hygienic cleaning without water and soap
- Delicious fragrance
- EU Approval , EC: 200-578-6

Sani Spray is available in different packaging sizes but we mainly sell the 50ml bottles. On request hoewever we can provide bigger sizes as well. Ask us for a quote!

Disinfection on the go.

The Sani Spray disinfection is a spray for hand disinfection or small surfaces such as the shopping trolley. Due to its alcohol content of 75%, the spray removes bacteria, fungi, mycobacteria and viruses within 30 seconds. Due to its composition, the spray is very well tolerated even with long and frequent use.

Gentle on the hands!

The Sani Spray is a perfect hand disinfectant with ingredients that nourish and moisturise the skin, which is why you can use the disinfectant spray several times. Due to its short exposure time and light fragrance, this is a great disinfectant spray that is easy to take with you because of its small packaging of 50ml.


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