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Hygienic cleaning wipes in a handy dispenser of 110 pieces.
€ 3,55
Disinfectant foam for cleaning and disinfection of small surfaces in a handy 500ml can.
€ 4,75
Hygienic and disinfecting spray in a handy and compact 500 ml can. Suitable for cleaning small areas
€ 5,00
Sale -77%
Disinfect your hands quickly and hygienically with this disinfectant hand gel! No water or soap needed. Bottle of 250 milliliters of transparent liquid, easy to carry. Alcohol content: 70%
€ 2,99
€ 4,49 p.p
Sale -43%
Disinfection Perfumed Spray 60ML
75% Alcohol with a pleasant fragrance.
These include hand sanitizer, sanitizing wipes, sprays and disinfectant liquids
€ 3,99
Original price € 6,99
€ inf p.p
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