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COVID.LIMITED Medical Face Shield

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Most sold face shield in the world. Comfortable and sturdy. Don't forget to remove the protection foil!
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Medical face shields

Due to the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus, it is impossible to imagine life without mouth masks. Nowadays it is even mandatory to wear mouth masks in public indoor spaces. However, when you have a so-called contact profession, a mouth mask is not always enough. This, while you meet more people than anyone else during your working day, which increases the risk of infection. In order to be extra protected against infection, you can therefore opt for a face shield.

What are face shields used for?

Face shields are particularly useful for people who have such a contact profession. Think of dentists, dental hygienists, hairdressers, beauticians or tattooists. People working in these professional fields are in direct contact with different people all day long. A facemask can help protect you and the client against infection, but to be extra sure, the addition of a face shield is a wise choice. A face shield protects the entire face against splashes and liquids. In many cases, Covid-19 is transferred to other people by liquid particles that spread, as happens when someone sneezes or coughs. If you want to continue doing your job as safely as possible, the use of a face shield is the perfect choice.

How to put on a face shield

  • First disinfect your hands with a disinfectant hand gel;
  • Then put on a mask that covers your nose and mouth;
  • Make sure it lets as little air through as possible;
  • Then place the face shield on your head using the elastic band;
  • Make sure it sits firmly on your head and do not touch it while wearing it.

How does a face shield work?

A plastic face shield reduces the risk of transmitting viruses via splashes, mist or droplets. It is therefore an important tool in the fight against the coronavirus. The sturdy, transparent screen covers your entire face and is therefore even safer than just plastic safety glasses.

You can reuse your face shield if you clean it regularly and thoroughly. Cleaning can be done with disinfectants (alcohol-based), boiled water, bleach and household cleaners. Because a face shield can be used more than once and is easy to clean, it is a sustainable option.

The face shield is also equipped with a soft foam rim for extra comfort. In addition, the foam edge provides extra space between the screen and the face so that it can be worn over glasses or a mouth mask.

Please note: a face shield is not a replacement for a facemask, but an addition to it. In public areas, therefore, wear both a face shield and a mouth mask. Also take a look at our disposable mouth masks and washable face masks.

Buy your face shield at COVID.LIMITED

The face shields of COVID.LIMITED ensure that you can carry out your work as safely as possible in these times. It is a comfortable, simple way to reduce the risk of contamination for you and your customers. Order now at COVID.LIMITED and experience the benefit of our face shields. What's more, the more products you buy at the same time, the higher the benefit for you. This can be as much as 35%!

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