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New Gene Corona Self-Test | New Gene | Most sold in the EU | Single Packed

€ 4,95
This COVID-19 short swab nose test is approved by the European Commission as a qualitative self-test.
Price incl. 21% VAT

Anyone can test themselves easily and quickly with this self-test. This test is widely used by governments and has a short nose swab so you do not have to test deep into your nose. It takes 15 minutes before you know whether you are infected with the coronavirus.

- CE1434 certificate from notified body
- EU self-test
- Accuracy 98,4%.
- Most sold test in Europe

This product contains an immunoassay strip that contains high-quality monoclonal antigens to detect the nucleoscapsid protein (N protein) in SARS-CoV-2 viral particles. When the sample is applied to the test cassette, it will migrate across the strip by the capillary effect to form a group of red complexes. These complexes are increased by another N-protein antibody with which the test strip is coated (T line) . This results in a red stripe on the T line. As a check, a red stripe is formed on the control indicator (C line) indicating that enough sample has been applied to the test strip.

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