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COVID Information

Covid.Limited now also offers PCR tests with international travel certificate!

Which Corona Test is suitable?

We test with two different individual corona quick tests: blood prick test for antibodies at 39.95 euro and the nasal swab for presence of active COVID virus at 79.95 euro.
For special cases, we also offer the PCR test at a rate of € 129.95 including a worldwide travel certificate. All tests we offer are very reliable for what they are intended for.

Corona Antibodies Blood Test

With the serological blood test we test if you have made antibodies that match those of the corona virus. In the blood we look for the presence of the antibodies IgG and IgM or a combination of both. With this quick test you can especially measure whether you have been in contact with corona in the past. This test does not provide a definite answer to a current infection. This rapid test has CE certification, but has not been validated by the Dutch government. Do you want to be sure of relevant test results? Or do you want to travel within the borders of the EU? Then we advise you to use the Abbot nasal swab test.

Nasal swab test (antigen rapid test)

With the nasal swab test, a sample is taken by means of a long cotton swab and we look for specific proteins of the virus in the nasal mucus. This way, you quickly know whether you are carrying the virus. Abbott's antigen test is CE-certified and has been tested and validated by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and the RIVM. This test has a specificity of 99.4% and a sensitivity of 93.3%. The sensitivity and specificity of a test indicate to what extent a test can show whether you actively possess the coronavirus or not. For an accurate test result we advise to choose the Abbott nasal swab test. Do you want to travel within the EU with a negative result of this test? Then ask for our travel certificate*. The test gives a faster result than the PCR, but is slightly less sensitive.

Besides both tests, we also offer a combination test for 139,95. With this combination of the nasal swab test and the blood prick test, you have more certainty whether you possibly have the virus or have been in contact with the virus in the past and therefore have built up antibodies. The combination test includes a limited travel certificate*.

*A negative result of a PCR test is currently required for more and more European countries. An antigen test is not always sufficient for this, so check this before you book a test!

PCR Test

The PCR test (polymerase chain reaction test) involves taking a swab from the nose and throat using a long cotton bud. This is then sent to a laboratory for analysis, which means that this is not a quick test like the previously mentioned tests. (PCR test results are normally received within 48 hours) In the lab, the sample material of the virus is multiplied greatly, which gives the test a high test sensitivity. This means that the PCR test will pick up the virus even if someone is only just carrying a few virus particles in the ascending phase but also if someone is carrying almost no virus particles in the descending phase. To exclude whether someone is still contagious, the antigen test is therefore more accurate. However, the PCR test is considered the gold standard worldwide, which is why this test is often required when someone needs to travel abroad. The RIVM considers PCR testing the most reliable test and this is also the way of testing at most GGD locations.

Do you want to travel inside or outside the EU with a negative result of this test? Ask for our PCR test with worldwide travel certificate!

Travel certificates

Do you want to travel abroad with a test certificate? That is possible. When booking your COVID-19 rapid test, you can choose between a blood prick test, an antigen rapid test (nasal swab) or a PCR test. Only when booking an antigen rapid test or a PCR test can you add a separate travel certificate as a product option. This is a digital document signed by our certified doctor.

Antigen Rapid Test + Travel Certificate

The Antigen corona test is a validated test by the RIVM and approved by the Dutch government, which means that this test is approved for travel within most of the EU * Outside the EU our certificate is not valid, unless validated by our service desk.

*A negative result of a PCR test is currently required for more and more European countries. An antigen test is not always accepted for this so check this before you book a test!

The certificates are made and sent out within a maximum of 24 hours, but this is usually within the same day of testing. The travel certificates are then valid for 48 hours.

PCR Test + Travel Certificate

The PCR Coronatest is an internationally recognized test and has of course been approved by the RIVM and the Dutch government. The PCR test is considered the golden standard for corona testing worldwide and the travel certificate is therefore recognized and accepted almost everywhere in the world. The sample has to be sent to a lab and analysed, so it takes 24 to 48 hours before the result is known.

The travel certificates are issued within 48 hours after testing
The PCR test has to be be carried out within 72 hours before arrival.

Be aware of the coronavirus and the rules that apply in the relevant country for your holiday.
Outside the EU, the rules differ enormously from country to country, so check well in advance with your travel organisation as to which test is required. It is your own responsibility to check the current situation and related measures. On the website of the Dutch government and on the website of IATA you will find the most up-to-date travel information for your destination.

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