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COVID.LIMITED for companies

Corona rapid tests for companies

Quarantine absenteeism is a growing problem for companies. Temporary replacement of employees is often not a realistic option and, with a bit of bad luck, employees have to stay at home several times. It is a tricky issue for which there is no ideal solution for the time being.

COVID.LIMITED offers quick tests, with which we can reduce the absenteeism within your company and employees can quickly get back to work. For taking the tests we work together with EHBO Nederland, so you will only be helped by trained first aiders.


Which rapid test should I choose for my employees?

For companies we always advise to use the nasal swab test or in combination with the blood test. The nasal swab test is CE-certified and has been approved by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport. In addition, this test has been validated by the RIVM. Unlike the blood test, which has not been approved and/or validated by the Dutch Government.


Travelling for work with corona

Do you or your employee have to go abroad for work and do you need a valid certificate for this? That is possible. When booking an Abott nasal Abbott test you can indicate whether you would like to add a travel certificate to your order for 25 euros. When you book a Combi-test you will always receive a valid travel certificate. Our travel certificates are signed by our certified physician.


Testing at your location

For quick tests you can send your employees to one of our test locations, but we also offer the possibility to test starting from 1 person at your location. Test your employees within 2 hours and receive the results immediately. We will send a healthcare professional to your location to test your employees. This way you can keep your employees at work. Would you like more information? View COVID.LIMITED for companies or contact our customer service. They will be happy to help you make the right choice and/or offer you a tailor-made quote.



Do you have questions about the quick tests? Maybe the answers are already among our most frequently asked questions.

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