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COVID Test Locations

Covid test sites

Book your test at one of our test locations. Our healthcare professionals are ready to receive you and test you on the day and at the time of your choice.


How does it work?

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Which rapid test is suitable?

We test with two different types of separate corona rapid tests: blood puncture test of €39.95 and the nasal swab of €79.95.

With the blood test you can check whether you have produced antibodies that match those of the coronavirus. With this rapid test you can determine whether you may have been in contact with corona in the past This rapid test has a CE certification, but has not been validated by the Dutch government. Do you want to be sure about your test result? Or do you want to travel within the borders of the EU? Then we advise to use the Abbot nasal swab test.

Abbott's nasal swab test has been CE certified and has been tested and validated by the Dutch Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport and RIVM. This test has a specificity of 99.4% and a sensitivity of 93.3%. The sensitivity and specificity of a test demonstrate the extent to which a test can show whether or not you actively possess coronavirus. For an accurate test result we recommend the Abbott nasal swab test. Do you want to travel within the EU with a negative test result. Then apply for our travel certificate*.

In addition to both tests we also offer a combi-test for €124.95. With this combination of the nasal swab test and the blood puncture test you have more certainty whether you may have the virus or may have been in contact with the virus in the past and therefore have built up antibodies. The combi-test comes with a travel certificate*.

* Keep in mind the coronavirus and the rules and regulations applicable in the vacation country. It is your own responsibility to check the current situation and associated measures. You will find the current travel information for your destination on the IATA website.

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