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0x Washable Facemask | Cartoon Art | AP | With valve | Single pack

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These face masks are suitable for comfortable daily use. The Face masks are provided with a set of filters that fit in the mouthpieces. These filters for face masks are also available separately in our webshop.
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Washable Face Mask

Pandemic has changed every bit of our lifestyle up to such an extent that face mask has now become an important accessory to be wore along with other regular things. Though situation is becoming normal day by day, thanks to vaccination programs carried on by most of the nations, the situation is eventually coming under control. But, the essentiality of face mask is still there and most of the countries has still not removed the mandate of wearing the mask in public.

As the pandemic is around for long time now and still not sure how long it’s going to persist, more people are preferring to invest in a longer-term or reusable mask. The best disposable masks people can get are professional-grade N95 or KN95 masks or blue medical masks. But many people are concerned about the waste factor due to throwing away disposable masks after every single use or maybe just tired of constantly reminding themselves to buy more. Hence, washable face masks is the answer to resolve these issues.

Most of these washable face masks are cloth-based, and very easy to clean. These washable face mask can be treated like any other article of clothing that picks up dirt and grime when you step outside, and once you wash and dry it up, it’s as effective as a new piece of mask. These face masks are lightweight, breathable made of fine quality cotton, which will not only protect you from the bacteria in the air but also collect the sweat and condensation from your face and mouth.

With minimal care and cleaning, the best washable masks can have a long lifespan, with strong protection against airborne viral diseases. These features of washable mask give relief to users by letting them no need to search their bag or pockets for another blue disposable mask, or checking online only to find that their favorite masks are sold out again.

Washable Face Masks by Nobraa has sourced the best quality washable face masks for bulk purchase at the best wholesale price. Our face masks are perfect for daily use in a very comfortable way. Our face masks come with a set of filters that fit in the mouthpieces and assures you no compromise in protection as compared to any premium disposable masks.

Highlights of our Washable Face Masks:

  • Provides strong defense against pollen, sick virus and dust
  • Designed for utmost comfort and effortless breathability
  • Soft breathable cotton fabric ensures no skin irritation
  • Fits snugly around your face
  • Useful personal mask for everyday use and reusable and re-washable
  • Set of filters provided for highest level of protection

Some economical impacts of using Nobraa’s washable face masks:

N95 masks are disposable but costly option which makes it not a feasible solution for the common public. Also the shortage of N95 masks that should be used by health care workers makes it a hard option to choose.

Surgical masks are cheaper and disposable, but with clear picture of the end of the ongoing pandemic, it can be an economic burden with continued use. There is also a shortage of surgical masks observed in various parts of the world.

Washable face masks are the cheapest option for continued use for the general public and should be encouraged. It’s a one-time investment and with regular washing & usage it is the cheapest and most practical mask for everyone. It’s not only economic at a personal level, but also to countries as a whole who are unable to meet the demand of face masks.

If you are looking for wholesale purchase of washable face masks, made of A-1 grade quality, contact today. We guarantee the best price for wholesalers as well as the retailers.

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